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Our Story


You come across a fork in the road. You try to peek ahead in each direction for an idea of what to expect but can only see so far both ways. In one direction, you notice the path is contaminated with the many footsteps of those who have walked there before. You think, “Well, at least this way will be easier to walk. If so many people took this path, then it must be the one worth taking.” For some reason, you can’t help but wonder where the other path will take you. You discover this is the path very few have traveled. It looks intimidating.

You imagine all the “what ifs” you can possibly think of. What if I follow through in this direction but there’s no turning back? What if I fail? What if I succeed, and if I do, how long? What if people think this or what if people think that? The fear of the unknown creeps in. You think to yourself, “Should I make the obvious choice or should I go the other way?” You take a deep breath and decide to go with the less known path. Hey, how bad can it be? Along the way you stumble across a mysterious place called Lachenae Boutique. It could be like any other place out there but something about it makes you linger. You can’t quite put your finger on it and can’t help but be drawn to it. You walk inside. There are statement pieces and fashion staples: almost as if they’re inspired by vintage and modern fashion. It has potential.

You look around to see who else is around. You overhear a woman saying to her friend, “I love how innovative this collection is!” Her friend responds with, “Right, it’s so eclectic! Some of the pieces scream effortless chic and some are a little quirky.” A little over the top but you love how comfortable you feel here. You casually walk through the virtual aisles and notice some really unique pieces that you can pull off. Why not grab that newspaper printed pump? That looks better on your feet than on the display. Grab the two-in-one clutch too. If you stay a little longer, something else might catch your attention. The sales rep comes to greet you. She smiles and whispers to you, “Welcome to an exclusively online experience.” Confused, you ask her, “Did you say, ‘exclusively online?’” She walks away and disappears into the computer near the register. You look up above the register and notice a sign that says, “You have entered Lachenae Boutique. Let’s style your wardrobe!”


Meet The Inspiration Behind Lachenae Boutique:
Founded in 2016 by Chaunequa Gore: Owner, Designer and Creative Director

“I was destined to create art. As a child, my passions were drawing, painting and most importantly dressing myself. You would always catch me reading and writing on any given day – still true. My parents made sure my brothers and I had all the necessities to pursue our different interests. They always encouraged us to follow our dreams. I was one of those kids who had my school outfits prepared and my art supplies packed in my backpack ready to go for the next day. Through the years, I continued to explore different mediums. Luckily, I had amazing teachers and mentors to help me improve my skills.

As time passed, I wasn’t sure where to start when it came to my career. There were so many layers to art. In rolled the senior year of high school. A recruiter from The Art Institute of California - San Diego came to my photography class and gave an inspiring presentation about his college. I finally knew what I wanted to do. As soon as class was over, I filled out the form he passed out and check marked Fashion Design. The next day or two, I was contacted by a representative of the college. I explored the campus at the next available date and immediately attended college the week after I graduated from high school. I was blessed to have some of the best professors help guide me in my endeavors. It was a fast track program so I graduated in three years with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design at The Art Institute of California – San Diego, a campus of Argosy University.

With college complete, the plan was to start my own company after working in the industry for a few years. Instead, I learned how to run an online business by selling new and used electronics and car parts on eBay. While selling on eBay, I reflected on the name of my business with my family for a while. We knew using some form of my name would be beneficial. I jotted down my middle name Lachenae and paired it with different words. I always loved the look and feel of a boutique. Lachenae Boutique is born. To gain more experience, I gradually started selling clothing and accessories on the thrifty fashion app Vinted. With help from family and my sales, I had the funding to start this company. I can’t wait to watch my business grow into something amazing! I'm always inspired by religion, loved ones, travels, art movements, entrepreneurs, past and present eras and music. It’s truly a blessing to love what I do. I want people to remember to always stay inspired, never stop learning, and don’t be afraid to be different. Be on the lookout for my original designs; exclusive sneak peaks will be announced in due time."